An elegant affair....

Hi everybody! WHEW! Where did the fall go? So I'm doing things a little backwards (imagine that) since I am going to be (finally) posting images from weddings from this season that happened before this one very soon, but I am excited about Mike and Rebecca Hengehold's wedding for a number of reasons. First and foremost they were a pleasure to work with, and they really did a superb job (as all my clients do) at putting on an amazing wedding celebration. The weather on their September 15th wedding was beautiful to say the least, Becky looked downright gorgeous in her gown, and Mike wasn't too shabby himself :) Their ceremony took place at one of my favorite places to shoot, Ladue Chapel; and their reception followed at another premier establishment in St. Louis, The Chase Park Plaza - renowned for excellent service, delicious desserts (check out the cake! Amazing!) and, most importantly, kick- butt lighting. The Ralph Butler Band set a nice tone to the evening as well. There was the added comfort of knowing a couple of the groomsmen - Troy, who's wedding to his beautiful wife Carmen I photographed a few years ago, and who's boys Jackson and William I have had the joy of photographing a few times. (I'll be posting the newest of the Burrus family in a few days, stay tuned!) I had also met the best man Fred a while back, who's triplets I photographed when they were brand new with their big brother Quinten... I'm sure they're all so big now, I'd love to see them again! Randy with Ladue Florists did a first rate job on the floral design... flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph, and Randy's certainly were no exception that day. Nice work! One of the most exciting elements of the day for me was that I was using my brand spankin' new Canon 5D's - I shot the whole day on large jpegs with my 85mm 1.2 and my 16-35mm 2.8 - to laymen, rockstar lenses. I'm so excited about the quality of the images, the fluidity of Adobe Lightroom and the way my eyes are viewing the world in general right now. Although, I've discovered that it takes a while to upload 8GB worth of images to the web.... And, last but not least, I finally got to work with Becca Young Williams, a fellow Mizzou journalism mate, (GO TIGERS!), who did a fantastic job 2nd shooting for me at both Mike and Becky's wedding and Mike and Emily's wedding, (coming soon...), and who laughs at my jokes. A solid 2nd shooter who thinks I'm funny is really hard to find, Becca you'll be hard pressed to escape, you're on my team for good! (when you're available at least). Please enjoy the photos, and feel free to leave me a comment! I'll look forward to posting more images of my other incredible clients in the very near future, again stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pics!! Especially of the bride. I also loved the group shots...Have you photographed any ethnic weddings (Pakistani/Indian)?

rwick said...

Joanna - The photos are all so wonderful! I have received numerous compliments on the photos. Mike and I were so glad that we chose you to work with. You are such a pleasure to be around and that made our wedding day even better. And then we see the fabulous final product - wow! Becca was great to work with as well. Thank you for everything. We just don't know how we will narrow the photos down to make an album!

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