I'm a sucker for a cool holiday card.  I love getting them in the mail, I love designing and sending them... I feel like it is just an awesome way to drop a little pick me up in the mail for your loved ones, snail mail style.  I take inventory of all the cards I receive, and I look at them for week.  They make me smile.  And I hope the ones I send make people smile.  I've always wanted to offer holiday cards through Joanna Kleine Photography, so I'm excited to announce that I'm doing just that now!  Please let me know if you're interested in having me design your holiday cards this year, so you can send out some smiles too. :)  You can view my samples that are available to choose from by going to my JKP Facebook page, and email me with any questions!  Thanks and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded with lots of love and laughter! Now let's get our holidays-on! 


The Hengehold Family!

I feel so lucky when I get the opportunity to work with past brides and grooms again, especially when it is to photograph them with their new families.  Rebecca and Mike were married in September of 2007 and recently welcomed their new baby boy, Brendan, into their family.  He is a handsome, fiery little guy who I'm fairly sure could have cared less about having his 'close up time.'  Still I feel like with the help of the gorgeous Longview Farm Park at just the right time of the evening, we were able to get some pretty great images.  I hope you love them Mike and Becky and I'll look forward to seeing you and Brendan again some time soon!  Congratulations!