Wait, it's AUGUST?!

Hi friends.  Yes I know it's August.  Yes I know I haven't posted since November.  Here's a run-down of my life:  I'm a mom of 2.5 year old twins who are not yet in school.  I guess I really don't need to say much more than that, but I know my fellow mommy-photographer friends with small kiddos can empathize with the sentiment that, well, there's just not enough time.  For anything.  I'm up until 3am a lot of nights, just keeping up with editing and email.  I am still arm/knee/neck deep in all sorts of toddler-ness, all of which I'll leave to your imagination.  Word World has saved my sanity.  And I won't as freely admit that...yes... so has... Barney.  SHHHH.  Again, it's August.  It hasn't been less than 95 degrees in St. Louis in, what, 40 days?  That means that we're stuck indoors.  Anyone who has ever been around small children that are stuck indoors can feel me on this one.  We're all teetering on the brink here.  That being said, I seriously could not be happier.  I have a rich, beautiful, fulfilling life, even if it is sheer chaos.  I don't blog enough.  Editing is not being done fast enough for anyone's taste.  Neither is the web-design for my new site.  Neither is correspondence.    Neither is getting photos out to vendors.  Neither is album design.  I'm not hanging out with my awesome industry friends and peers enough, and anyone who knows me knows I love a good time with awesome industry friends and peers.   Here's the thing though.  It's okay.  All of the afore mentioned will speed up, in a matter of just a couple of months, because my two sweet little babies will be starting preschool.  I will be back up to speed with everything business related, and I will be a lot calmer, and no one will have to wait on me, and there will be balance.  BUT.  I will be facing the first of those heartbreaking/warming scenarios that moms are forced to face... someone ELSE being in charge of taking care of my babies.  Making sure they're safe.  Making sure they're happy.  Making sure they laugh enough.  Making sure they're kind and loving.  Making sure they eat their carrots.  Making sure that Ollie doesn't actually throw up on anyone and that hopefully he hits a hard floor surface and not carpet.  This is all very, very scary.  I will be thrust back into having the time to have the professional life that my photography and my business deserves.  I will have a neater, cleaner house.  I'll cook more nights.  I'll email and make phone calls in a timely manner.  I won't be pulling my hair out because of the mere sight of my editing list.  I'll remember to submit sales tax on time.  However.  My life, for the past 2.5 years, has consisted of being needed.  And more recently, as they've just grown into their little personalities that much more... being wanted.  Being mommy.  It's all happening so fast.  Too fast.  I know I'll be fine, I know they'll thrive - God knows they're READY for it.  The balance will be incredible and I know I'LL thrive, my business with thrive... but it's moments like these, where it's 100 degrees out and we're all forced to snuggle on the couch, new Word World episode playing, cold sippy cups of milk in hand, Pup-Pup, Ziggy and Tito all clutched, heels digging into my shins and hips, huggies and kisses abound.... I'm just trying to embrace it, breathe it in, remember it.  Hopefully through the beautiful photos that I have taken and will continue to take of them, I'll be able to relive even a fraction of their sweetness, innocence, hilarity... when they're both 15.  Happy summer friends, I hope your lives are filled with as much joy as is mine.



I'm a sucker for a cool holiday card.  I love getting them in the mail, I love designing and sending them... I feel like it is just an awesome way to drop a little pick me up in the mail for your loved ones, snail mail style.  I take inventory of all the cards I receive, and I look at them for week.  They make me smile.  And I hope the ones I send make people smile.  I've always wanted to offer holiday cards through Joanna Kleine Photography, so I'm excited to announce that I'm doing just that now!  Please let me know if you're interested in having me design your holiday cards this year, so you can send out some smiles too. :)  You can view my samples that are available to choose from by going to my JKP Facebook page, and email me with any questions!  Thanks and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded with lots of love and laughter! Now let's get our holidays-on! 


The Hengehold Family!

I feel so lucky when I get the opportunity to work with past brides and grooms again, especially when it is to photograph them with their new families.  Rebecca and Mike were married in September of 2007 and recently welcomed their new baby boy, Brendan, into their family.  He is a handsome, fiery little guy who I'm fairly sure could have cared less about having his 'close up time.'  Still I feel like with the help of the gorgeous Longview Farm Park at just the right time of the evening, we were able to get some pretty great images.  I hope you love them Mike and Becky and I'll look forward to seeing you and Brendan again some time soon!  Congratulations!  


Sommer's Senior Portraits?!

It's still amazing to me as I sit here and write this post that I just photographed Sommer's senior portaits, I've literally known her since she was less than one year old.  Her dad, Rick, and my stepdad Joe, who passed away from brain cancer in early 2004, were best friends.  The Hachmann family owns a special place in my heart and are very near and dear friends of mine and Kristian's.  I was honored when Sommer asked me to photograph her recently, and so glad that she was so comfortable with me.  I was taken aback a little bit when I was photographing her, amazed at how much of a beautiful, intelligent and determined young woman she had become.  She has been a little girl in my eyes for so very long, along with her younger sister Courtney, and I feel blessed to be in their lives still as they both enter new chapters in their lives - Sommer is off to college and Courtney starting high school.  I know the future holds many great memories that have yet to be made with both of our families, including this coming weekend when we'll celebrate a new chapter in my mom's life - marrying her long time friend Harry!  Welcome to the family Harry and Sommer I hope you love your photos, I loved taking them.  Thanks for spending the time with me, I know you're a busy lady. :) 

 My gorgeous niece Gretchen, and my beautiful kiddos Ollie and Raya came along to hang out with us too!  (And "Rainbow" the bear of course.)


 Maybe my favorite from the shoot...

 Okay no maybe this one...