Sommer's Senior Portraits?!

It's still amazing to me as I sit here and write this post that I just photographed Sommer's senior portaits, I've literally known her since she was less than one year old.  Her dad, Rick, and my stepdad Joe, who passed away from brain cancer in early 2004, were best friends.  The Hachmann family owns a special place in my heart and are very near and dear friends of mine and Kristian's.  I was honored when Sommer asked me to photograph her recently, and so glad that she was so comfortable with me.  I was taken aback a little bit when I was photographing her, amazed at how much of a beautiful, intelligent and determined young woman she had become.  She has been a little girl in my eyes for so very long, along with her younger sister Courtney, and I feel blessed to be in their lives still as they both enter new chapters in their lives - Sommer is off to college and Courtney starting high school.  I know the future holds many great memories that have yet to be made with both of our families, including this coming weekend when we'll celebrate a new chapter in my mom's life - marrying her long time friend Harry!  Welcome to the family Harry and Sommer I hope you love your photos, I loved taking them.  Thanks for spending the time with me, I know you're a busy lady. :) 

 My gorgeous niece Gretchen, and my beautiful kiddos Ollie and Raya came along to hang out with us too!  (And "Rainbow" the bear of course.)


 Maybe my favorite from the shoot...

 Okay no maybe this one...

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