Better Together...

Introducing Dr. and Mrs. Jason Fennema! Congratulations to Erin and Jason as they were wedd in Terre Haute, Indiana this past Saturday 12.29. Thanks to the both of you for including me in your wedding in such a special way, I hope you enjoy this first round of your images and that you're enjoying your honeymoon! The whole day was beautiful, a heartfelt ceremony, gorgeous details at the reception and lots of love in the (chilly) air! I have known Erin for a few years having worked with her when she lived in St. Louis and worked for St. Louis Wedding Design , a premier wedding design organization here in St. Louis. I was thrilled when she called me after moving in with Jason in Chicago, informing me that they had gotten engaged and that she wanted me to photograph the event... I have never been to Terre Haute and welcomed the new experience, although besides the Holiday Inn, St. Mary of the Woods campus and St. Joseph's, I really didn't see too much of Terre Haute! I'm glad that the weather cooperated, and that the timing was so that we ended up with some pretty amazing light. I love winter weddings yet the potentially horrendous weather is always a source of anxiety. Erin looked fantastic in her dress, and I'm still very proud of myself for properly placing the gardenia she had set aside for the reception in her hair... normally I'm not too good at things like that.... You looked beautiful Erin! Congratulations again to the both of you, what a perfect way to ring in the new year!

(from left to right) Jason's gift to Erin (a sterling "f" necklace from Tiffany's) and Erin's gift to her bridemaids (a new fragrance from Philosophy).

Jason's sister Lauren (right) (ha ha) was hired on as bridesmaid for the day, along with Erin's sister Sarah and Erin's friend Jen, whom I know, although neither of us know from where. Hmmm.

Mr. and Mrs!

Like daughter like father.... Erin's dad Gene seen here with son Matt and wife Cindy directing the processional... :)

St. Mary of the Woods college campus is beautiful!

Must.... conserve.... body heat.......

Gotta love those little inconspicuous spots that pop up... what a cool red garage.

Erin and her florist worked together to create a warm, inviting, lush, woodsy-wintery feel to the beautiful Providence Hall at St. Mary of the Woods - complete with Christmas pines that made their way all the way to Terre Haute from Wisconsin, cut from Jason's dad's Christmas tree farm!

So, I pretty much cry, at some point, during every wedding I shoot, and Erin and Jason's was no exception, thanks to a simple yet incredibly sweet speech that Sarah prepared for her sister and new brother-in-law. Erin also could not hold back tears as her little sister candidly expressed to her that she was her best friend and how much she cherished all of the memories that they share.

What a clever idea for table numbers at a winter wedding!

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This is one of my favorite dancing photos I've ever taken... they looked so happy and cozy as they danced to Jack Johnson's "Better Together."