The Grace Family!

If I know anything about two year olds, it's that they're on.the.move. :)  This little sweetheart was no exception.  Christian and her mommy, Tenesha and daddy, Julian, and new baby brother (still in Tenesha's belly) came to Oak Knoll last week for a photo session to celebrate themselves as a family.  For those of you who have scheduled time with me in October for my Portraitpalooza dates and haven't seen Oak Knoll before, here it is!  I love this park and I had a great time with this family, Christian had me cracking up the whole time!  I hope you enjoy the sneak peek and I'll look forward to seeing everyone soon at Portraipalooza!  Take care until then and give everyone you love lots of hugs and kisses!   

Zoey and Maxwell!

If I know anything about 2 year olds, it's that they're on.the.move.  Which is just fine for me, because I get to chase them around and photograph doing what they do, and they don't really care too much about me, which is what I'm going for.  I had the pleasure to photograph a very handsome two year old, Maxwell, and his beautiful brand new baby sister Zoey just this past month.  Thanks to mommy Alison and daddy Josh for asking me to come to their new home (they just moved here from Baltimore) and document a little slice of their life, I hope you love the images and congratulations again on everything!  I'll look forward to seeing everyone soon and seeing how Max and Zoey have grown!  Welcome to St. Louis!  You've come to a great place!

Max was glad to have his cousin in town visiting!