Some of my favorite wedding ideas!

Okay, sure, we're halfway through 2007, but I was digging through images from 2006 so that I can finally put some new sample materials put together, and realized how cool my clients are and what great ideas they have. Weddings are such an opportunity to show your personality and I think the below photos prove that there are so many unique ways to do just that! Below are some of my favorite ideas that my clients have come up with to really let their true character through... to show their personal flair, to honor the special people in their lives and those in spirit, to trend-set, be different, break the mold.... all in the name of love! Stay tuned, I'll have a list of client shout-outs from 2006 complete with vendor links coming soon! And, I promise to be more punctual with my blog posts... Otherwise, my friend, web-designer and fellow Libra Kristie Cromie (seen in the below post doing the Robot) will keep up the daily email assault of evil digital bunnies... And no one wants that.

If given the chance, always invite guests who can do The Robot.

Weddings are never more fun than when your guests are willing to cut a rug, shake a tail-feather and/or break it down on your dance floor.