Congratulations Brent and Melissa! Watch for them in January's issue of Alive Magazine....

I'm very excited to announce that the wedding of the gorgeous couple below - Melissa and Brent Berry, will be featured in the January issue of Alive Magazine! I had so much fun photographing their 9.22.07 wedding, for many reasons, one of them being that Melissa is one of the most beautiful brides I have ever worked with (check her out!), and also, not the least of which being that I got to hang out with my oldest brother Michael all day (aka Mikey, Broham etc. - see handsome bald dude un-cuffing bride and groom below) since Brent hired him on as a groomsman after having spent a few years as his friend and partner, both officers for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Congrats to both Mike and Brent for having been promoted to Detective postions in recent months. --- The weather on 9.22 was absolutely perfect, and once again I was lucky enough to be assigned to two of my favorite wedding venues to shoot in St. Louis, St. Ambrose Catholic Church on the Hill, and The Mad Art Gallery. I love both places for specific reasons - I love the Italian history of St. Ambrose, there are so many interesting details to photograph - and I have to be honest, I just flat out love the yellow interior and the length of the aisle... that church just has a certain comfort to it, a really nice energy. The Mad Art Gallery is close to my heart as Kristian and I also celebrated our wedding there in a reception held for the St. Louis folk after our 9.05 Maui wedding. The atmosphere is just amazing there, I really love how the building, a rehabilitated police station, (how fitting), lends itself to parties with a variety of areas to explore - the jail cells, the main gallery space to peruse the latest art showing, the back patio where, if necessary, you can warm up by the fireplace.... It's just a really cool space, Ron and crew have done a superb job - all in the name of art! Other honorable mentions: Rachel Roman Speh, really gorgeous job on the flowers, especially the centerpieces at the reception and Melissa's bouquet. Whenever you're nervous about the vibe of the party and you're wanting to ensure your guests have a good time, either train for months with your fiance on a choreographed first dance set to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," or hire the Photobooth STL people. Photostrips are the perfect keepsake for your guests to leave with at the end of the evening, and no doubt, they'll have fun in that booth. It's impossible not to. -- Thanks, so much, to Melissa and Brent for letting me into such an amazing day in your lives, I felt welcomed into the "circle" and had such a great time getting to know your friends and family and documenting your beautiful wedding day.


Michelle Ross said...

Hey! I saw that article! Way to go!
...and Becca Young Williams is quite the catch, if I do say so myself. Your images are beautiful- as if The Golden Hour followed you around all day.....[/jealous]

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