Fashion photographer? Why yes I am.

Maybe not quite, but I sure had fun acting like it on Tuesday morning. Meet beautiful Jenny B., sporting her own interpretation of "identifying yourself with denim," shot on location on Washington Ave. for a contest that may land her a spot in the Big Apple... I'll be crossing my fingers for you Jen. Sorry it was so hot that morning, but hey, NYC's even hotter, careful what you wish for. You looked awesome though, and I must say, I was proud of myself for coming up with "glam rock" all by myself.

Where are my weddings with photo/music slideshows, you ask? Well, I have a confession. Apparently, I'm a web-moron. I have solicited the help of friends, friends who are probably annoyed by my web-moronic questions at this point, to help me figure out my web woes. I have images chomping at the bit to be seen, and I am bound and determined to present them, set to music, in slideshows. Soon you will be seeing the weddings, in slideshows, set to music, of Noor and Kasim Arshad, allison and Scott Varricchio, Justin and Christa Coomes, and Melissa and Greg Bohlmann. None of them knew, when they hired me, that I was as bad at web stuff as I am, or how long it takes me to edit photos. Post processing is the bane of my existence although I thoroughly enjoy and love the actual shooting portion of every event. In this day and age we need to stick to what we're good at, right? Specialize. It is time... to hire a digital person. Anyone interested? Stay tuned!

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Becca said...

i am dropping by to say hey! looking forward to finally working with you in a couple of weeks, but geez, i already feel like i know you anyway. :-)