I love Seattle!

Hey there everybody! Kristian and I are living it up here in Seattle, WA... tomorrow is the Rolling Stones show, but since we landed at 11 am Sunday we have: ducked out quietly from the Fox Sports bar after the Seahawks beat our beloved Rams kicking a 52 ft. field goal with 4 seconds left... (man that was a pretty catch though Game Day Tori Holt), viewed with fascination (and a little nausea) the Bodies exhibit, and this evening we ate smoked wild salmon, filet mignon and lobster tail (thanks for dinner KK) at the Sky City resturant atop the famed Space Needle. Tonight has so far been the highlight of our trip... pleasantly surprised with our perfect timing for sunset after a consistently overcast day... Kristian's company, an amazing meal and the beautiful images I was able to capture made for a perfect evening. I hope everyone is well and enjoying their week so far!


Queue said...

okay - yo!!!
Its me!! your faithful sidekick - Raquita (Ricki) from the Franklin/jones wedding!! now you can't be teasing me with a blog if you aren't gonna update it!! I need you to delete it- or let me update it for you - I can be your gopher - your sponge - your WHAT EVER MAN!!! you totally rock!!! and that is no understatement!

Queue said...

you have been blog rolled!!!

Joe said...

we want more updates!